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to me. and camede in america, after a hearing before the appropriations subcommittee on defense where the elon musk sat next to and testified a long side the chief competitor. the were there to discuss short forogram, default, expendable vehicle launch program. it is the federal government's answer to reducing the cost of military satellite space launches by hiring out contractors. spacex is currently not in the business because it does not have the certification to do so. betweeny, joint venture defense giants is the only thatting rocket maker with certification. which means it has held a monopoly for years. a monopoly he said he is convinced the competition would not help that monopoly or bring the government savings because he says redundancies between having to rocket makers might wash out any savings elon musk label and now -- amount to $1 million should the federal government go with spacex. luckily, the pentagon clears -- it tends to put an end to the monopoly. the sentiment also seems to be shared by lawmakers today. >> thank you. moment,continue in a the mission, should you c
defense today? >> he was more than willing to acknowledge that a small number of credit suisse bankers went above and beyond to help u.s. citizens of the taxes. senior management was deeply regretful for those actions. they said that they were on a pathway to reforming themselves. they work to try to change that. that was not enough for the senate chairman. take a listen. >> you do not want to be in the purely business that dirty business of helping u.s. clients she on her taxes. it is important if you are really going to the a reform bank that you have got to acknowledge what is clear in our report, the wrongdoing went beyond these mulgrew of rogue bankers. iswhat you see right there the senator nailing the biggest difference. claims that this was just a small number of bankers who were involved. in a report released by the committee, it is a very large number of bankers, as many as 1800, may have been involved. that was not results yet. hear frommittee will top justice department officials in 30 minutes. where does credit suisse stand? >> the investigation is ongoing. the justice dep
. the country's newly appointed secretary of national security and defense counsel. we asked him about the growing tensions with russia. yes, i am. i'm worried about it, for sure. also, the capture of the government and crimea by units which in my opinion were sent from russia from moscow. we see a very aggressive method of carrying out politics towards ukraine. we could serve their attempts to divide ukraine or at least take crimea. >> with all the tension and crimea, would you call for native support across -- against russia for wire? >> yes, for sure. guarantee of safety in the black sea region. of course we are sure about nato and it has already been announced that they have their own vision and it will not allow the russian federation to create conflict. my colleague joins us now live from kiev. describe the security situation in the capital today. are things improving from your perspective? it has been pretty calm today in the city. tias around.i there's not much of a problem despite the huge numbers. you can hear some protests going on behind me on the streets. it has been prett
the russian defense ministry says that is not true, there is no ultimatum. clear is that the ukraine is in control of the russian military. there has been a real steady buildup since the first eight on fridays arrived and surrounded the bases. and now they are very much a control. >> tells about the situation the capital there. they're preparing for meetings with international monetary fund. >> that is correct of they just sat down with the director. they're going to meet with the imf, what timing, eh? ,kraine intends to ask of and intends to receive a funding --llars of $3 billion in funding. perhaps in an announcement this week, they think it would take them two to get thes to actually first cache. interesting of with this backed up,tor -- because you have investors really is earned about holding ukrainian debt. the russian military presence in ukraine is helping them to focus western minds, and soda pressuring them to impact gave ukraine this money that maybe would have taken a little bit longer to give if it had not been this way. you.an, thank a look at how united states and oth
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4